Thanks to its features, PolyKeg PRO is the most sustainable keg on the market.
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Raw materials optimization
  • Improved logistics
  • Decentralised production

Raw Material Optimization

PolyKeg PRO kegs have been designed to optimize the quantity and type of materials used, avoiding metal components. This is the best solution to optimize the recycling process and the reuse of materials.

Easy to disassemble

Thanks to the innovative eco-design, PolyKeg PRO can be easily disassembled into various components and materials, everywhere and without using any power.

Disassembly rate

Decentralised Production

PolyKeg® developed a modular and compact production process that allows to decentralize the production of our kegs as close as possible to the target market, and in some cases directly in-house.

This innovative solution makes possible to cut down secondary packaging and improve handling and logistics.

In – house Production
truck transports
kg of CO2 per journey*
of secondary packaging
*calcolati su 1.000 km percorsi per trasportare 1.452 keg da 30L


The PolyKeg PRO range has been designed to maximize the quantity of kegs per pallet, truck or container, resulting in reduced storage space and costs, handling and transport.