PolyKeg PRO without bag

PolyKeg PRO kegs without bag, thanks to their special blend of materials provide a high barrier to light, O2 and CO2, keeping the characteristics of the product unchanged over time. With their exclusive design and the special dip tube, they allow a correct and complete tapping. They are also compatible with most of the existing filling and tapping systems and are the safest and most sustainable on the market today.

5 different sizes for every need

6 valves for full compatibility

Our constant focus on innovation has enabled PolyKeg® to deliver a universal product that can be used on every market.

PolyKeg® PRO kegs with bag are available with 6 different valves and are compatible with the majority of existing filling and tapping systems.

This makes the switch from any type of keg - refillable or disposable - to the PolyKeg ® PRO keg simple, immediate and without extra costs.

Each PolyKeg® valve is equipped with the exclusive PRV - pressure relief valve - to ensure maximum safety throughout keg's entire life cycle.

A - Valve

S - Valve

G - Valve

D - Valve

M - Valve

K - Valve

PolyKeg PRO Identikit




The PolyKeg® product range has been specially designed to store and keep a wide range of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks over time, thanks to its high O2, CO2 and light barriers.

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Cider
  • Soft drinks
  • Cocktails
  • Juices
  • Coffee

Weights and dimensions

  12L406 oz. 16L541 oz. 20L676 oz. 24L811 oz. 30L1014 oz.
Diameter (mm)Diameter (inch) 246,69,70" 246,69,70" 246,69,70" 272,510,72" 307,512,10"
Height (mm)Height (inch) 39315,47" 48118,93" 56922,40" 56622,28" 56622,28"
Empty weight without bag (kg)Empty weight without bag (kg) 1,021,02 1,071,07 1,171,17 1,261,26 1,481,48
Empty weight with bag (kg)Empty weight with bag (kg) 1,081,08 1,141,14 1,241,24 1,351,35 1,571,57