Giovedì 13 Dicembre 2018


Maximum stability for safe transport.


After a long period of research and several tests carried out by our R&D department, PolyKeg® is proud to present the NEW ANTI-ROTATION SYSTEM that optimizes the stability of the kegs, reducing any risk of movement during transport . Thanks to the new base and top design, a series of teeth interlock under the tension of the wrap and cannot slip/rotate against each other making the pattern stable under normal transportation related vibration. Excellent stability during transport. The round shape of the toothed keg allows it to be arranged securely without a particular orientation. If the teeth do not correctly ‘mesh’ during the initial palletisation, they will lock together with minimal transport vibration. The ANTI-ROTATION SYSTEM will be available for the whole range of PolyKeg® products: all models – Basic, Smart and Premium – sizes and colours.